hiv_iibrre_rev17We are a team of medical practitioners who have been advocates for the past twelve years and we would love to share with you few stories of how some of the individuals who had survived the emotional whirlwind that has brought about by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Through these stories, it may give you enlightenment for those who are suffering from the disease.

We would love as well to encourage family members to become the stronghold and teaching them how to be therapeutic in the times of a patient’s need for support. It is our passion to be with you at the time of any emotional battle. Every step may be a roller coaster ride for both you and the family members. There will be a series of sessions for every individual, and we are doing it for our assessment and giving any recommendations for each member to understand the approach of taking care a family member with HIV.

This is also a means of support system to the individual with HIV for them to feel important. As you will be reading our blogs, it is our duty to share with you information that can help you deal with the situation. Should you have, any questions feel free to message us at the contact us.