imagecarousel-imageformat-lightboxWhen you have a family member that has been approved for an HIV test, it is expected for other members of the family to have emotional outbursts because HIV is a serious case, just like any other cancer. There is a feeling of denial, anger, fear that takes time until such time that there is acceptance of family members and even the person who has HIV.

The stigma of people who are infected with HIV is alarming, especially if the family does not have any knowledge about the disease. Most of them tended to withdraw but did you know that people with HIV can still live normally while they are in the home? The virus may not be spread in a casual way such as a non-sexual contact, household, and other contacts of visitors which is not a risk of being infected. The safety of the entire home is important, and it is essential that you have to maintain an environment that will not disrupt the activities of daily living.

Understanding the disease is crucial, as this will be the backbone of how you’re going to take care of an individual that has the disease and to be cautious as well.